Welcome dear ones to the brand new photo gallery for Minnesota PhotoBug and our trusted affiliate across the border Wisconsin PhotoBug. Professional photography … even elite pro photography … should not cost an arm & a leg.

Our vision & goal … provide the finest photography services available in the upper midwest … but charge the most affordable fee for that white glove service.

Let’s explore your needs. Click on the photo gallery links below to view your area of interest:

Visit our PhotoBug parent company, Living Water Music, Inc., @ www.livingwatermusic.com

To e-mail us, use the “E-Mail Us Directly” button at www.livingwatermusic.com.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Living-Water-Music-Inc-The-Official-Site/

Call Minnesota PhotoBug directly at this nationwide toll-free number: 1-800-248-7225

Our “Commitment to Community” campaign birthed these uniquely affordable Photo Bug services.

Each & every service is customized to your specific specifications and needs.

Each service shown below is delivered with FREE PhotoShop finishing, FREE mileage to any MN, WI, MI or ND destination, and a FREE written photo release to print your photos anywhere, or to use them in any graphic design artwork … why not enjoy the best for less?

We look forward to discovering your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Sincerely, Craig & Leah LiaBraaten, Founders & Owners

Minnesota PhotoBug – Wisconsin PhotoBug – Living Water Music, Inc.



  1. Craig LiaBraaten Post author

    2014 Minnesota Brides & 2014 Wisconsin Brides … enjoy up to 70% off our award-winning Music + Photography + Officiant packages in 2014 … featured in Bride Magazine … also check out the latest 2014 corporate retreat photos of mining companies in northern Minnesota … our award-winning 2014 photography always at affordable prices, and all our 2014 quotes include round trip mileage anywhere in MN, WI, MI or ND plus free PhotoShop finishing of all the best photos from your 2014 photo shoot … what a bargain … check us out on Facebook, too … call for your no nonsense estimate today 1-800-248-7225!

  2. Craig LiaBraaten

    Please direct all visitors to the new biography located at http://www.craigliabraaten.wordpress.com. This new site is updated and very informative.

    Our current 2017 specials for spring proms, summer weddings, and holiday parties are up to 25% off. Best rates for the best DJs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Dakota.

    For details call toll-free nationwide 800-248-7225 and leave voice message with date and location and return phone number please. We’ll check availability and get back to you quickly. Thank you. ~cl


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