Dear friends … we are delighted to launch this wonderful new tool … our sparkling new PhotoBug Photo Gallery.

Enjoy browsing sample photos from all the professional services we offer … including affordable elite Wedding Photography!

At this place we share with you our hottest trends (such as our Range-Wide dances are back).

We also share the very latest photos detailing each division in our multifaceted business.

Plus the jaw-dropping current specials and ultra-affordable rates for all these services … this is uber exciting!

If you wish to contact us directly for more info or reservations, please call toll-free nationwide 1-800-248-7225.

Or e-mail us at our parent website www.livingwatermusic.com … just click the “E-mail Us Directly” button there.

We look forward to visiting with old friends, learning the needs of our newest visitors.

For all of you … from our loyal customers of decades … to our newer circle of influence … to sweet friends we just met today … for all of you our promise is to “exceed your expectations”.

We value honesty & integrity … delivering promises on time … all the time.

Thanks for visiting … come back soon for the very latest trendy news & hot specials … and to check out our fresh photos uploaded daily for our newest corporate family member … Minnesota PhotoBug dot com!

Sincerely, Craig & Leah LiaBraaten, Founders & Owners – www.MinnesotaPhotoBug.com



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